Detta är huset jag byggde.
This is the house that I built.

Du är välkommen att hälsa på.
You are welcome to visit.

The kids on the block.

This is the story about a boy, born 1952 in Malmö in the southern parts of Sweden. Two years later he moved with his parents and younger brother to Stockholm. His childhood in the suburb Vällingby was filled with adventures and harmony. The recently built suburb west of the city soon became famous for having work, housing and shopping as separate circles around the center. The new subway line connected the suburb to the central parts of the city. But all the things a young boy needed were available nearby. The local record store Rickards and the cinema Fontänen in Vällingby were favorite hangouts. There he spent many hours dreaming of the future. As a birthday present the choice between a moped and a guitar was easy. The guitar was the natural choice. In the summer of 1967 the family left the suburb for a larger apartment in central Stockholm. It was there and then he started to make his musical dreams come to life.

After 12 years in school he lacked enthusiasm for any further academic education. Working at the local post-office at daytime and writing songs and playing music in the evenings seemed more rewarding. His first album was released in 1972. He was 20 years of age. In October 1974 he quit the day job and for three years worked as a professional artist. He had a small hit in 1973 with a single release of his song ”Hem till Söder”. A second single was released in 1975 without any recognition. In 1981 his second album was released, but the label went bankrupt and the album died. By then he had been working with young people as a substitute teacher.

The summer before his 30th birthday he started to work part time at Stockholm Local Transport. Over the years he became exited over the potential he saw in the digital revolution. With natural curiosity he took the leap into the future. Thirty years later he had the responsibility for intranet, digital photo and film and layout of the in-house magazine at Stockholm Transport was his.

In 1984 he started his own recording label, Joker Music. It ended in 1995 with a financial crash, but it was fun as long as it lasted. Joker Music was the first independent label in Sweden to release a cd in 1989. In September that year the group All Steel Coaches represented Sweden in the annual EBU-festival in Novi Sad, former Yugoslavia. Joker Music also took part in establishing the association Sinderella for independent record labels in Sweden.

In 2009 he started the label Lockenloll with the cd-release of a compilation of his most popular songs. The cd contained eight songs never before recorded. All the previous recordings then were released digitally on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and Wimp. In January 2013 the producers of the Swedish tv-show Café Bärs discovered his old song song ”Hem till Söder” from 1973 and bought the rights to use it as a vignette. After it’s fifth season the song is a huge hit with more than 1 million streams on Spotify.

Since 2011 he’s been working daytime in the recycling business with information and communication. In January 31, 2014 after having delivered a new website, hundreds of press-releases, photos and prints he decided to leave. Until september 2016 he assisted his now ex-wife as executive director in her company. Since then he’s managing his label Lockenloll with three releases since 2016 and more songs to come.

It’s funny how things turn out!